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Replacement 50 amp Ford New Holland Alternator

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  • Replacement 50 amp Ford New Holland Alternator

    Hello. New to this site just now. Iím currently completing the annual or getting it ready rather and I am looking to replace the alternator. Upon inspecting the plane I noticed the attach hole pivot hole what have you is worn. In taking the alternator apart to ream and sleeve the hole I noticed the stator has burned and separated windings. Looks like the last person who pushed on the cooling shroud hit the windings and it all went downhill from there. Probably putting out only half the capable amps. Any how looking into it there are several models of the Ford New Holland alternator out there. One has the more or less correct front housing and the other a 78 amp I think has the correct rear housing. But from the photo looks too deep. Larger stater probably so makes sense. What I really need is the correct stator and rear assembly preferably. All else is okay and I can get new bearings and brushes. Just wondering if anyone has come across this and has a solution. If I were to buy both and piece them together it would be way cheaper than the alternative. Needing to find the source I of manufacture and go from there perhaps. Anyway thanks for your time.