Merchant cash advances are an excellent funding alternative for small
businesses. Unlike traditional loans and financing options, merchant cash
advances offer many advantages. A cash advance can be easily obtained by
businesses that have processed credit cards consistently for at least six
months. Businesses benefit from quick approval, fast funding, no hidden
fees, and repayment timeframes that are scaled to the revenue of the
business. Loans can be used for many purposes, including payroll, new
equipment, expansion, bill payment, and many other common business
expenses. Since the credit decision is based more on the revenue of the
business than the personal credit of the owner, merchant cash advances can
be much easier to obtain than traditional financing. In fact, a merchant
cash advance is the ideal choice for a business owner who has already
tried unsuccessfully to get a loan from their bank, or who doesn't wish to
endure the overly complicated and distracting process of a bank loan

Many other benefits of merchant cash advances include automatic deduction
from credit card processing, limited documentation requirements, flexible
repayment options, and a fixed repayment amount. Unlike credit cards,
with low limits, late fees, and escalating balances, merchants who receive
a cash advance know exactly the amount and timeframe to pay back their
loan. And unlike other funding options, if business slows down than the
repayment rate slows down at no cost to the business owner.

Successful examples of merchant cash advances include a restaurant owner
who received an advance to finance a second location for her restaurant.
While her local bank would not loan her the money, she was able to secure
a merchant cash advance within 48 hours and successfully opened her second
location on schedule. Another restaurant owner had a large catering
contract and needed an advance to finance food and labor cost for the big
event before he received final payment from his customer. Cash advances
have so many benefits for so many businesses, that they are an important
and often unexplored resource available to entrepreneurs. When a gym
owner needed to upgrade his equipment to continue growing his business and
attracting new customers he thought he was out of luck when the bank
turned him down, but a merchant cash advance was able to help him get his
business growing again. And a small retailer that wanted to participate
in an exciting product launch was able to stock her shelves and triple
sales because a merchant cash advance gave her the capital she needed.
Merchant cash advances are truly a great resource delivering success and
prosperity to small businesses across the nation.

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